3 Essential Tips For Packing Fragile Items

Packing for long-distance moves shouldn’t be a rushed process. Even though the entire experience can be overwhelming, and it’s natural to procrastinate in some areas, packing correctly is key to making sure all your items arrive in one piece. If anything, it’s far more important to pay close attention to your most fragile belongings — dishes, vases, ceramics, and other breakable knickknacks. Regal Mover is sharing a few essential tips for making sure these expensive items are protected during long-distance or interstate moves.

Stock Up On Padding

If you’re only traveling a short distance, you may be able to get away with less serious packing methods. But if you’re moving interstate, or even across the country, it’s critical to ensure everything is safe from damage. The first step is to wrap each individual piece in protective material, whether it be bubble wrap or towels; take apart items with multiple parts — such as removable lids — and wrap them two or three times, taping up the edges so everything is fully protected. This is your first line of defense against scratches and cracks. Next, you need something to fill the empty spaces in your packing boxes, such as packing peanuts, styrofoam, or even more bubble wrap and towels. This prevents your fragile or breakable items from shifting in the box itself and risking possible damage.
Don’t Skimp On The Boxes
Speaking of packing boxes, this is an area you need to pay very close attention to. Certain household items you can get away with packing in less-quality boxes, but not fragile items. All your breakable belongings need heavy-duty, thick and sturdy boxes to survive a long distance or interstate move — this is for both protection and security. Large accumulations of kitchen plates and glass pieces of appliances tend to be heavy, and using a low-quality box increases your risk of having everything fall out of the bottom. Once you do have packing boxes that can fully serve your needs, you need to pack in an efficient way. This means putting all your heavy, stable items in first, and then nestling the light, more fragile ones on top. Don’t increase your risk of breakage by putting your most sensitive glasses or plates on the bottom where they can be crushed; it’s for the same reason that these boxes should never be stacked.
Store In The Cab, Not The Trunk
Once everything is wrapped up, fully packed, and ready to go, don’t make the mistake of immediately putting it all in the back of your moving vehicle. Your fragile items could be vulnerable if they’re stored in the same space as everything else; bumps on the road could cause something larger to slide, fall over, or shift. If possible, always store these items in the front seat or cab of your moving vehicle — it’s a much easier way to keep an eye on fragile boxes and it tends to be much safer as well.
Let Regal Mover Help You Pack
If you’re at all worried about the safety of your belongings, our expert packers at Regal Mover can put you at ease and take care of everything for you. Our goal is to make the long-distance moving process as simple and stress-free as possible; this is why we provide all the necessary boxes, bubble wrap and other supplies needed to protect your most valuable items. Get a free packing estimate today!