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Our team brings years of experience in moving your valuables locally and across state lines.


As in-depth and thorough as you strive to be while packing or moving, odds are there are important steps you forget about until the last minute. It’s to your benefit to take care of as many things as possible before the final week in your old home; that way you can focus solely on move-out day. Regal Mover is helping new Northern Virginia residents make their long-distance or interstate move easier with a few important reminders.

Change All Your Government Agency Information

Now is the time to practice writing or typing your new address! In order for you to be set up for success in your new location, contact information needs to be updated for a variety of government agencies. Submit a change of address request for the United State Postal Service so your mail can be forwarded without skipping a beat. You also need to update your voter registration for the new area you’ll be living in, and contact the DMV to update your license and...


Packing for long-distance moves shouldn’t be a rushed process. Even though the entire experience can be overwhelming, and it’s natural to procrastinate in some areas, packing correctly is key to making sure all your items arrive in one piece. If anything, it’s far more important to pay close attention to your most fragile belongings — dishes, vases, ceramics, and other breakable knickknacks. Regal Mover is sharing a few essential tips for making sure these expensive items are protected during long-distance or interstate moves.

Stock Up On Padding

If you’re only traveling a short distance, you may be able to get away with less serious packing methods. But if you’re moving interstate, or even across the country, it’s critical to ensure everything is safe from damage. The first step is to wrap each individual piece in protective material, whether it be bubble wrap or towels; take apart items with multiple parts — such as removable lids —...