Important Pre-Move Steps You Shouldn’t Forget

As in-depth and thorough as you strive to be while packing or moving, odds are there are important steps you forget about until the last minute. It’s to your benefit to take care of as many things as possible before the final week in your old home; that way you can focus solely on move-out day. Regal Mover is helping new Northern Virginia residents make their long-distance or interstate move easier with a few important reminders.
Change All Your Government Agency Information
Now is the time to practice writing or typing your new address! In order for you to be set up for success in your new location, contact information needs to be updated for a variety of government agencies. Submit a change of address request for the United State Postal Service so your mail can be forwarded without skipping a beat. You also need to update your voter registration for the new area you’ll be living in, and contact the DMV to update your license and vehicle information. Other similar and equally important agencies to think about include the IRS (for tax information) and social security (if applicable). Giving all these organizations your new address and contact information helps to prevent future hiccups — you don’t want to be called for jury duty in a place you don’t live anymore!

Update Your  Subscriptions, Accounts & Memberships

If you follow the trend of monthly subscription boxes, or even regular publication subscriptions, you need to make sure the next one will be sent to your new home. Make a list of all the items you tend to get in the mail, and then log into each of your online accounts to change your personal information. This also encompasses online platforms you order from on a regular basis, such as Amazon. The stock of what you tend to buy online and take care of your address change right now — this prevents you from having to take care of it later, and it eliminates the risk of your items being mailed to the wrong place. You should also take a moment to change your credit card information, so it isn’t declined when you need it most.
Cancel Your Current Bills & Set Up New Ones
If you’re moving to a new city, region or state, chances are high you will need to get your electricity, water, internet and other utilities from different companies. This means you need to call every single service provider you use at your old/current location, and let them know you’ll be canceling the service. Take a look at which bills you pay every month, and use that as a guide to ensure you aren’t overcharged for services you don’t use anymore. Do this as soon as possible, to ensure you’re giving the providers appropriate notice, and schedule everything to be shut off either the day before or day of your move. If you know your new, final address, it may even be possible to set up your new utilities ahead of time, which saves you from more move-in stress.
Regal Mover Can Help Lift Some Burdens
Long-distance or interstate moving is stressful enough, and taking care of these important paperwork items can be the tipping point to make it totally overwhelming. Prioritize taking care of these steps and let Regal Mover help you with the actual packing and shipping. Our expert staff will help lighten your load by taking care of more prevalent aspects of moving so you can focus more on the nitty-gritty. Learn more about our services online and contact us for a free estimate anytime!