Packing Tips to Help You Stay Organized

Moving can be a very stressful process. The best thing to do is to start preparing as soon as possible. Even then, it’s hard to stay organized once you start living in a sea of boxes. Whether you manage to get an early start on your packing or not, your local movers at Regal Moving Company have some tips for you to keep in mind that will make the entire moving process easier.

Keep Your Clothes How They Are

Drawer after drawer, hanger after hanger, there’s just so many clothes to pack! Packing your clothes not only takes a very long time, but it creates a lot more luggage for you to move on the big day. Save yourself some time and energy by not removing your clothes from where they are.
Use plastic wrap on your drawers to keep the doors secure during the move. You can tape the sides as an alternative, but this isn’t always as secure, and plastic wrap doubles as protection for your furniture. When it comes to the closet, keep everything on hangers. You can bundle them together with rubber bands, or pull large garbage bags over the bottom of your clothes in groups for easier transportation.

Create a Color Code Key

Once half of your house is packed, it’s hard to keep track of what’s inside each box, or where each one will belong once you officially move. Yes, as a rule of thumb you should always label your boxes. A simple “Kitchen” or “Bedroom” label is a good place to start, and don’t forget to clearly identify fragile boxes. Go one step further and create a legend key for all of your box labels. This can be color-coordinated, so you can simply use a marker or tape to designate boxes, but it will also serve as a visual map to make sure you have everything where you need it, and unpacking will be as efficient as possible.

Find Extra Uses for Any and Every Thing

A great way to pack more with fewer boxes is to find another use for your household items. You can use towels and blankets to wrap awkward things like lamps, or use dish towels around knives to safely store them temporarily. Large blankets are great for padding electronics and anything fragile. Another trick is to nest smaller items inside of larger ones. This is especially helpful in the kitchen when packing dishes. You can pack pots inside of one another, or load bowls and glasses into them instead. Pack your suitcases with heavier items like books to make them easier to move. You’ll be surprised how functional other items can become once you start looking for ways to save on boxes.

Take Pictures

If visuals will help you stay organized and less stressed, feel free to take pictures during your entire process. Want an extra copy of your label legend? Snap a picture. Want to save some time hooking those wires back into the TV? Picture time! Want to see what’s inside of a box before you unpack it? Take pictures before you seal it up to make your life that much easier down the road. Pictures are a wonderful organizational tool, and don’t take up any additional physical space.

Make a Moving Day Bag

One of the most helpful things you could do for yourself is pack a small bag or suitcase with items you’ll need access to the day you move. These could be logistic items like important documents and your color coding key, unpacking items like scissors or cleaning products, or things you’ll most likely need to use like chargers, toiletries, or a change of clothes. You’ll love having essential items that are easily accessible in one place.
All of these tips and more will help keep you organized as you begin and continue packing. If you’re looking for ways to make your move easier overall, consider hiring a moving company as soon as possible. At Regal Mover, we offer packing and storage services to make this a stressless and smooth process for you. If you’d prefer to pack on your own, we can at least supply you with the essentials to get you started. We are available for residential and commercial moves, no matter if they are local or long distance. We want your move to be as regal as possible –contact your Sterling local movers today for a free quote!