Tackling Packing Early When Preparing for a Move

Packing is the most time-consuming part of the moving process and one that many people tend to put off until the last minute. Trying to gather and pack all of your belongings so that they are ready for moving day can be incredibly stressful and overwhelming. That is why it’s so important to start packing early.
Diving into the packing process early on is easier said than done, however. If you find yourself procrastinating, it’s probably because you can’t decide where to start with packing. Luckily, the Sterling movers at Regal Mover are here to help. Below, we put together a guide to help you get a head start on packing for your move.

Packing for a Move: What to Pack First

There’s no such thing as packing too early for a move. To be safe, you should start your packing at least six weeks in advance to avoid any overwhelming situations. Before you start, though, you’ll need to have moving supplies readily available. High-quality moving boxes or totes, tape, bubble wrap, scissors, and markers are a good start. Once you have all of your supplies ready, you’ll need to come up with a plan to help you tackle packing in an efficient and sensible way. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to start with packing things that you won’t be using or need before the move. Examples of these items include:

Items In Storage

Chances are you won’t be needing the belongings that you have put away in storage any time soon, so this is a great place to start your packing endeavors. Whether you have items stored in your garage, basement, closet, or in an actual storage unit, it’s a good idea to start gathering the items and ensuring it all gets packed. Most of the items you have in storage are already in boxes or totes, so it’s the perfect way to ease into packing. Just make sure to look through the items and donate or get rid of things you don’t want to bring along with you to your new home.

Out of Season Clothing

Packing your clothes takes a significant amount of time, especially if you have a big family. Get a head start by packing all out-of-season clothes. You likely won’t need any out-of-season clothing before your move if your moving date is within two or three months, so these can also be included amongst the items and belongings you pack first. If you are very organized, you probably have your out-of-season clothes folded neatly, making them quick and easy to pack into boxes. If they aren’t folded, make sure to do so before packing them or they may be at risk of getting ruined.

China and Other Rarely Used Fragile Items

If you’re planning a move, chances are you won’t be hosting any fancy dinner parties until you’re settled into your new home, so there is no harm in packing fine china and other fancy glassware that won’t be of use in the coming weeks. Glassware takes a considerable amount of extra time to pack, so starting early on with these fragile items that are rarely used will help make packing the rest a little easier. Make sure that you properly pack these items as they are at a higher risk of breaking during your move. China and other fragile items should be wrapped in bubble wrap or another cushioned material and packed neatly in boxes. The boxes with these items should be labeled with “FRAGILE” in big bold letters.

Artwork And Wall Hangings

Artwork, picture frames, and other wall-hanging decor can be tricky to pack, so it’s nice to take care of the task sooner rather than later. Unless artwork and picture frames serve purposes other than decoration, make these among the first items you pack. Depending on the size of these items, you may have to get creative with packing — just make sure that they are properly protected and secure so that they won’t be damaged during the move.

Extra Towels and Linens

Additional towels, bedding, or other linens stored away in your closet are the perfect belongings to pack first when moving. When getting ready for a big move, all you need is a set or two of bedsheets and a few towels to get by, everything else can be packed early on in the process. Just plan to wash the towels and linens you are keeping around more frequently until you are settled into your new home. It can be very helpful to make sure these items are cleaned before packing them up. That way you’ll have clean towels and bedding readily available for your first night in your new house.


If you’re a bookworm, you probably have a lot of books that you are planning to bring along with you to your new home. Packing books is harder than you may initially think. You have to be careful not to damage the binding and the boxes of packed books are very heavy. Therefore, it can be helpful to get a head start on packing your books. Of course, you can select a few books that you want to have easily accessible until your move, but the rest should be packed away. Once your books are packed, don’t forget to properly label the boxes to give those who will be moving them a heads up as to the heavy contents inside.
There are so many things to think about when you’re planning a move that deciding what to pack first can seem intimidating. However, with a little help, you’ll find that it’s not too difficult once you know where to begin.
If you’re starting to prepare for a move and don’t yet have a moving company booked to help you with your relocation, make sure you do so soon. Moving companies book up quickly and chances are you don’t want to be left without professional and reliable help. At Regal Mover, we can provide you with the local and long-distance moving services you need. Working without Sterling movers makes the moving process easier — contact us today to experience the Regal difference.