The Dos and Don’ts of Summer Moving

Everyone wants to move in the summer, and why wouldn’t they? The kids are out of school, the weather is better, you can get more time off from work — it just makes sense. Despite all of the benefits, there are some dos and don’ts of summertime moving. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind as you begin the moving process.
Do – Hire a Moving Company
We all know how stressful moving can be. Hiring a local moving company can help relieve some of the weight off your shoulders. Whether you’re moving down the block, across state lines, or to a new business office, Regal Mover makes moving easy by handling your needs from start to finish. We offer packing services or supplies if you’d prefer to pack on your own, safe storage while you’re between locations, and of course all transportation requirements. We are local movers dedicated to making your move easy and efficient, while ensuring your valuables are protected at all times. View more of our services and find movers you can trust.
Don’t Underestimate Prep Time
It’s easy to assume that moving won’t take that much time to execute. Unfortunately, moving is one of those things that can’t be perfectly planned out. It takes extra time to actually load those packed boxes, you’ll naturally double and triple check the house for anything that got overlooked, not to mention the travel time from one location to another.
Moving in the summer can be particularly tricky because of higher traffic volumes (both pedestrian and automotive), and those hot, humid Virginia summers are sure to make you take more breaks. Don’t forget that the heat will play a factor in the entire process. When packing, keep your electronics together and try to keep them in air conditioned areas as much as possible. Also, consider packing and hauling your perishable food items in coolers!
Do – Start Early in the Day
Like they say, the early bird gets the worm! That rings true to moving day, too. Beat the heat by getting an early start to moving. Starting earlier in the morning not only gives you less time in the humidity, but it also gives you the opportunity to move in less traffic. If you’ve hired a moving company, consult with them to see the earliest you’d be able to start.
If mornings aren’t available to you or you’re simply not a morning person, consider waiting until later in the afternoon or early evening when the temperature starts to cool down again.
Don’t Forget Lots of Water
Hydration is key! That summer heat mixed with the rigorous activity of packing, lifting boxes, loading and unloading is quite the workout. Bring enough water to last the entire day for you and everyone helping. It’s recommended to keep plenty of water bottles in both locations. Remember to take breaks whenever necessary and possible. Dehydration or overheating can cause serious medical problems. Stay safe and stay healthy by drinking plenty of water throughout the entire moving day.
Do – Turn On Utilities
The only thing worse than moving all day in the heat is settling down in a hot home. Don’t forget to turn on the AC as soon as you can. If you live nearby or are moving around a local area, go ahead and have the air turned on the night before. You won’t regret it! If you’re moving to a new state, turn the air on as soon as you get to your new address. A cool and refreshing space will be much more comfortable for you and a pleasant break during your hot, summertime move.

Regal Makes Moving Easy

To make moving day that much easier for you, prepare as soon as you can. Start packing at least a month ahead of time. Hire and meet your movers ahead of time, too. At Regal Mover, we like to get a detailed plan set with you. We provide moving coordinators to oversee that everything goes smoothly on the big day. Contact us months ahead of your move date so we can get those details ironed out quickly and easily for you. We’re available in the Metro D.C. area, Delaware, Virginia, and Maryland. Make your move regal with our expert moving services!