Tips to Stay Organized During Your Move

There’s something about moving that makes staying organized seem like a superhuman task. No matter how carefully things are packed, somehow it can still be difficult to locate essentials once all of the boxes have been placed into a new residence. But, don’t despair. It doesn’t have to be that way!
If you know how to stay organized and follow simple tips for moving, the process can be much less stressful–and you may even be able to find a toothbrush to use on your first night in your new home. Here are 6 helpful tips to simplify your move:
  1. Have a plan: Work out a plan regarding packing. This should include what to pack, when to pack these items, the items that will be kept, sold, or donated, and planning out the space in your new home.By structuring and planning as much as you can, you will leave little room for unexpected difficulties and confusion when you arrive at your new home.
  2. Compile a moving binder: Purchase a binder at the office supplies store, and fill it with information from your moving company, to-do lists, your master packing list and a zip-top bag with memory sticks or other computer data backup. Closer to your move date, tuck in a folder with current bills, stamps, and your checkbook. Make sure you keep this binder accessible during the move.
  3. Use an easy labeling system: Try color-coding box labels depending on which room the box will go in, and then number each box. Keep a separate record with a list of the contents of each numbered box. Then when you are unpacking, you can simply check your master list to see which box you need. If you do use a sharpie to mark boxes, avoid putting family members’ names on the boxes. Rather, associate each box with the room where it will go to avoid confusion.
  4. Keep like items together: While packing your neatly labeled boxes, try not to put random items together. As much as it might seem like a good idea to put the extra phone charger in your bathroom box, because there’s that little bit of room left, you may regret it later when you need to charge your phone and it means unpacking the entire bathroom box to find the charger.
  5. Designate Areas for Boxes: It is wise to designate an area for boxes in your current home. In doing so, be sure to set up a packing zone and have empty boxes, tape, and markers in a specific area and then a zone for packed boxes as you complete them. You can use this area to stack the packed boxes. You will also want to designate an area as a holding zone for items that are in transition. A good place for a holding zone is in the garage, carport, or basement. You can make different piles for items that you’re selling, donating, or throwing away.
  6. Don’t wait: Don’t wait to label or inventory your boxes. As soon as you pack the box, label it so that you don’t have to go back later and try to remember what was in each box. If you choose to use recycled boxes, tape your new labels or blank pieces of paper over the previous labels to prevent confusion. If you are moving in 3-6 months or even in a year, there is no reason not to start packing ahead of time, rather than waiting until the last minute!
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